Section VII. Metaphysics of chaos

1. Chaos is a concept that opposes the inclusion in the philosophical context. It remains within the myth, and being translated into a philosophical discourse, hidden, elusive. Metaphysics and philosophy is a cause of logos and order. So to talk about metaphysics and the philosophy of chaos is to take risks and try to do something extraordinary and does not involve major systems of Philosophy. Either philosophy (metaphysics), or chaos.

2. On the relationship between chaos and Plato’s chorus, Aristotle’s gyule and topos is written in the pre-red book Alejandro Vayega Heidegger and the problem of space. (Alejandro Vallega «Heidegger and the Issue of Space»). The idea is that even etymologically "chaos" (semantically - gaping, yawning, razevanie) and «chorus» (space, area) are reduced to a common root. Chaos, as seen by the Logos, becomes chorus: nurse, tank, receptacle for the phenomena of the world copies. Plato in "Timaeus," calls it Mother. But it is flat Mother, rather hide of Mother, stretched with cold intellectualism of Heaven. This is external aspect of the Mother of her skin. Equate Mother‘s skin to Mother – is to talk about the chaos as a chorus. It is interesting matting of Nadir al-Bizri (Nader El-Bizri, «Qui-etes vous Khora?»), and even pretentious itching of Derrida.

3. The philosophy of chaos begins with the recognition of the Mother, the denial of which is based dance of Logos. Logos is depart from the matter- mother as from the bottom and shoots up. Ideas either soar or die (Plato). That is: the ideas are not able to dive. Therefore, to comprehend the chorus you need a «bastard logos» (logos noqos), logo-Blood Prince. To dive under the skin of Mother must be other ideas - ideas-half, the ideas-amphibian. Ideas-fish and worms - instead of ideas-bird and the ideas-angels. Or ... the idea-snake   -peek into the forbidden zone ofitik Gnosis ...

4. Metaphysics of chaos is nondual, advaitanic to the limit. She does not know exclusives. It includes in itself all and even what excludes itself. Mother does not know the differences in their offspring - all of it inside her, in Mother all floats under her skin. The mother has to deal with worlds that have not yet appeared in the light of the Logos. They already exist, but still in the underground. Going from there, they leave their underground roots. Through them creatures drink water of great life. This water is universal, it intoxicating and brings creatures of the universe - from her drunken singing birds, the winds blow, people are laughing, the sun shines. All of it is  invisible subcutaneous power of Mother-Chaos. Chaos is the structure of pre-logos order. Logos - only the special case in that order, one element of a series of others. Metaphysics of chaos is possible showdown of pre-logos nature structure.

5. Here from you can go in different directions. Go  in any direction, then come back and go elsewhere. Example metaphysics of chaos - Hinduism, it inclusive to the maximum extent, it advaitanic even in Dvaita versions (bheda-Saiva, for example), even in his own refutation (Buddhism), even in its own negation (Charvaka-lokayata). Hinduism knows the Logos and the Vedas were apparently the concentration of Iranian Aryan exclusivism, pure and true logos Dvaita preserved in Mazdaism and Zoroastrianism. But it was in the beginning. The Hindu tradition has gone in a different direction and built on a foundation of Dvaita a-Dvaita. On the basis of the Logos (Buddhi) has established a totally inclusive philosophy. Hinduism is the metaphysics of chaos. Not only in Shaktism, abheda-Saiva or at Sankara. Everywhere. India is a civilization of chaos, a continent of chaos. It is ordered, the chaotic vision of the world. Therefore, it is disgusting attempt to drive him to the Logos (the sect Krishnaism, etc.). Hinduism - is Aghora and kapalaki, bhedabheda Saiva, it is not orthogonal dataway detailed non-duality. It means, metaphysics of chaos is possible. And maybe even on the basis of Indo-European (!) core, even though the Logos could rightly be considered the exclusive heritage of the Aryans. There are arias of chaos. Not only the arias of the Logos.

6. Returned to point four. Now quite a different story. Chaos - the most ancient. It was before the order. In philosophy before order Plato place (or rather along with it, co-eternal beginning) it in its chora. Aristotle - in the matter. Monotheistic theology eliminates it in Nothing (that from which all - ex nihilo). Сhaos is very, very old. It would seem - if we slide down into it, crash down into it, we will find ourselves in the ancient. In this ancient, that the spirit of corruption will stifle us. Yes. All true. But surely something else. Chaos is responsible for all new and all that, what was not. The order does not know the new. In Logos everything is preordained, everything is contained, all Intelligibility cognition. In Logos all eternally present. In the chaos is Early modern period. And new is the fact that break under the order, first eroding it with corrosive water, and then breaks the lower bound of the order and begins to spurt out. All new comes into the zone (Logos) out of chaos. Hence, it is the chaos that make the essence time - that carries with it an event (Ereignis). Time takes its power and its murderous scythe of chaos. It is alive at the expense of chaos. Hence, identification chaos with Cronus and Saturn – with time and chaos at the same time. By the way, and with the magic and the golden age ... So if we examine a New we will see the spirit of great decay, flavor ontological swamps, dozing under creation. New - this is the realm of the Titans. Progress is a rumbling that was before the Order, before the Olympic logical universe. The essence of progress - madness.

7. Back to point four. Other Beginning Heidegger's philosophy is an invitation to construct the philosophy on a radically different basis than it was built in the West from the pre-Socratics to Nietzsche. Main attack on Plato, as the absolute caroller of the vertical (that is Heidegger) ontology (in its sense - as an add on the second floor above Ontika). Aristotle tried to get away from the transcendent dimension, introduced by Plato (Heidegger carefully examines where he made progress, where -  not). Nietzsche was trying (Heidegger examines more thoroughly how), and he could not to. Nobody has been able to construct a purely immanent philosophy - the materialists, empiricists and positivists, in the end, had to deal with the same metaphysics of logos, with Machenschaft, with vorsaetzende Durchsetzung, that is with will, costing and ontology. Another Beginning of philosophy, which reached for Heidegger, we should looking for in the direction of philosophy of chaos. It is no coincidence ridiculous history, that Heidegger learned intuition of Dasein'a from  Zen Buddhist treatise on tea. Logical development Heideggerian theory - the deployment of the metaphysics of chaos.

8. Back to point four. Thinking of the Logos - to think like a man. It's paranoia (according to Deleuze). Thinking of the chaos is thinking as a woman? All urge us on to do so. And there is something in it. But women do not create philosophy. And apparently will not. But they are extremely gifted. Although for philosophy it is not enough, they can not catch break, on which rests the mighty and striking thought of men. Logos cuts. The spirit of a woman knits. The assumption is different: a man's thinking - come to the Logos, woman’s - do not come to the thought, but to the existential of concern (Sorge). But does this all end? And if not to think like a man? Would not it be a non-masculine (but certainly not-female!) thought - logos noqos? It is stylish to call it the angel’s thinking or thinking of androgyny. No-man's thinking. Lewd, but structured. Parvulesco spoke of a "dogmatic irrationality." Here is what you want.

9. Chaos and traditionalism. Chaos and traditionalism are outwardly opposites. Chaos - this is an area infracorporal, twilight zone of Gog and Magog, that is under the Cosmic Egg. There is, however, the other chaos (as in the Guenon about two darkness - by the way, who is in the know, revealing, extremely revealing themselves the titles of his youthful poems). As two mothers of Plotinus - the idea of intelligible matter in the nuse and the second matter at the periphery of the phenomenal cosmos. This is true, but you can took a stand of non-duality of matter - dark top and dark bottom - it's not two darkness but one. Thus metaphysics of chaos will carry away the metaphysics of vertical logo. Therefore, starting from the metaphysics of chaos, we can get a new traditionalism, a somewhat with broader horizon of view.

10. Subject of chaos metaphysics - native to Russia. That is where the core of our talent, our genius. We are masters of prelogical states, inspired operators of well-tempered nonsense. We comprehend what is under the skin of the Great Mother, in her womb. We grow upside down, our heads are hidden in the ground. We - the empire for the antipodes of the human species, proud and humble groundfarer of Nocturne. Our thoughts are like roots into the ground and connect us with her black sap. Our thinking - bastard -snake, by  the light we understand the darkness and by the darkness -  light, and always get out of a scrape, when we need a clear answer: what in the end!? darkness or light, top or bottom, yes or no, to be or not to be? (What, censored, not Russian questions ...) Throughout history we put the experiments on saddlebags. The gravity of the land is embodied in us and in our culture, our society, so it is our opinion is stupid. It is holy foolishness of depths. In it gapes what lies below the lower limit. We are the easiest way to build a metaphysics of chaos, because we are its offspring.