Section II. "Tradition vs. Postmodern"

1. In traditionalism as a philosophy and ideology is present tough revolutionary component. It expressed explicitly by Evola (thesis on the "Revolt against the modern world"). But it also present Guenon and, not least, if not more (in this sense it is relevant articles Rene Alle "Guenon and Marks"). Two forms of modernity and Tradition are completely opposite. Therefore traditionalist known in opposition to the modern world (as against white to red, to the capitalist, Marxist, etc.). The modern world is in the majority, therefore, traditionalist is a rebel, a revolutionary, a warrior against the "dark age".

2. In the West today is not always the case. Traditionalists may well be a social conformist or marginal neospiritualist. That is, there is contamination of the traditionalist environment that is its antithesis - the modern world. This anomaly: if the traditionalist not an absolute rebel, he is not traditionalist. Evola believed that the fight must always fought. Guenon believed that all was lost to mankind, and went away, continuing to shoot anger lightning out of Cairo's. None of them became a clerk or social cog of the modern world. Anyone who has been, is the traitor of traditionalism. It has to be cancelled.

3. So, traditionalism is not valid outside the context of the radical war, outside the rebel zone. This zone can be varied, but it should be just herself. Anyone who does not believe that the present world deserves only the destruction and does not work in this direction, he might go away. But this is only a prerequisite of traditionalism. Then the interesting part: how to organize a rebel zone and how to correlate its structure with mutations in the paradigm towards post-modernity? Here's how the question stands. And nothing else.

4. Traditionalism cannot but have political and ideological dimensions. It is impossible to live in the world and be free from it. The world is a challenge and requires us to answer. Traditionalists are obliged to give. This answer does not fit well with modern ideologies: liberalism, communism and fascism. All these ideologies reflect the fabric of the modern world. So, traditionalism needs a new theory. We call it the fourth political theory. This theory is absent yet, but it should be. So it would be. Traditionalists may not be a liberal, in fact it should be antiliberal. But he can not be immanent antiliberal, he must deny everything in liberalism - individual rights, freedom of the market, progress, equity, enjoyment, the right kind of entertainment, consumption, the West, the United States, human rights, etc. But not in the name of the class (the proletariat) and not in the name of race (Nazism), but in the name of Tradition.

5. When there were the three political ideologies, the traditionalists was embarrassing choice and quite a marginal position. Today - no. Traditionalist comes to the forefront of the political process. He rejects liberalism totally and absolutely, in the roots and branches, in the trunk and even in the soil. Do not just dump the tree of liberalism, but to bring out and throw it into utter darkness of the very ground on which this monstrosity sprouted: that is the problem.

6. Traditionalism have to become the core of 4PT. None of the contemporary political group does not have a coherent view of the situation so as that of the traditionalists. There is no danger that someone who had joined the anti-liberal jihad knock traditionalists confused: on the contrary, the best'll come to traditionalism, and worse still serve the right cause. Traditionalists must be a world revolutionary counter-elite. Their enemy - the global elite. In the end times world is ruled by the Antichrist / ad-Dajjal. All those who have power in the modern world, his puppets, as the compromise with the spirit of modernity and the spirit of anti-tradition. Either this elite, or us. Since it must be deployed planetary war. Strong Antichrist? Absolutely. God is stronger.

7. Present today is mutating. There is a new (post) reality - virtuality. This poses new challenges before traditionalist. We roughly know what to do in case of uprisings against the modern world, How to deal with a revolt against post-modern world? We do not question that this is necessary. We want to know how?

8. To understand how, we must recognize that this post-modern. For traditionalists this is quite simple: the discovery of the eggs of the world below, Gog and Magog burst into our world, the total demonovselenie (pozession pandemic), it is a great parody, or the realm, on the contrary, the evil caricature of the life of man, the state order. But the caricature of what? Not for Modernity, on the Tradition. And that means: it is a caricature of us, the traditionalists. In the post-modern we are confronted not just with other than ourselves and the values ​​that we defend. We are faced with the simulacra of ourselves with the false tradition. Something like that Guenon was referring to the concept of "counter-initiation."

9. Mutation paradigm Modern-Post-Modern techniques require extensive revision of the traditionalist struggle. However, this requires a new skill in "straddling Tiger" and more "new vigilance." Post-Modern - it is our distorted mirror. How the devil is the ape of God, and Maya, and Kali are the Shakti principle. We must think of post-modern non-duality. Splits us, but we must meet together: the only way we will complete the illusion of the world.

10. The principle of the matter on the dam and Sohravardi is "delay". The outside world - a world of delay. The delay is the essence of illusion. All the powers of illusion cast on it today to lend it a misunderstanding, which is called humanity, even though for a while. Our task is to dispel this illusion. We are responsible for ensuring that the end of the world as the end of the illusion has come in time.